How to Enable the Hidden Administrator Account in Windows 7

By default Windows 7 has the default administrator account disabled.  This tutorial will provide instructions on how to re-enable the default administrator account.

If you try to reenable the Administrator account after it has been disabled, and if the current Administrator password does not meet the password requirements, you cannot reenable the account. In this case, an alternative member of the Administrators group must reset the password on the Administrator account. For information about how to reset a password, see To reset a password.
Disabling the Administrator account can become a maintenance issue under certain circumstances.

Under Safe Mode boot, the disabled Administrator account will only be enabled if the machine is non-domain joined and there are no other local active administrator accounts.  If the computer is domain joined the disabled administrator will not be enabled.

  1. Click Start.
  2. In the search field type "secpol.msc" or "local security policy" and hit enter on the keyboard.
  3. Once the Local Security Policy window opens expand Local Policies.
  4. Click Security Options.
  5. Double Click "Accoujnts: Administrator account status".
  6. Click Enabled, Click Apply, and Click OK.
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